Sri Sai Viboothi Baba was born to Sri Gopala Iyer and Smt. Seetha Lakshmi at Madurai on 7th November 1900.

At 13 years, blessed with the darshan and transfer of eternal powers from His Holiness Sai Baba, Viboothi Baba continued the legacy and started serving the man kind. In 1982, Viboothi Baba attained Mukthi and the Adhishtanam is raised in the same temple premises. On that special occasion, Sri Saibaba was chewing the betal leaves and he transferred eternal powers by giving the gravy betal leaves to Viboothi Baba from mouth to mouth to serve the mankind. By this eternal blessings in his later years, Sri Sai Viboothi Baba was specifically on curing Chronic diseases like leprosy, cancer, etc by sucking it out with his mouth, sorting out on the family disputes by sinking the difference of opinion, reuniting the couples, blessing the childless couple for child birth.

After this Holy Dharsan, Sri Sai Viboothi Baba wholly dedicated himself to Sainath and started drawing Baba’s picture with his Blood. Sri Sai Viboothi Baba was born to Gopala Iyer and Seetha Lakshmi couples at Madurai on 7th November, 1900. In his young age, due to some depression he attempted to commit suicide at Madras Eliot Beach. Sainath appeared as an old man and saved Sri Sai Viboothi Baba by dragging him back with a stick on his neck and told, “ You come again to Shirdi, Society is waiting for your services” and leaving the stick with him. By this incident Viboothi Baba started his Spiritual journey to Shirdi with the stick. Now this Stick is worshipped as Nagasai at Sai Baba Temple at Chitlapakkam, Chennai.

Viboothi Baba went on deep Meditation in a Dhigambara stage (without dress) at a cave in Koppanapatti village near Karaikudi, TamilNadu. During his meditation Sri Sainath appeared as an old man and blessed, him with spiritual sanyasin’s Saffron cloth and ordered him to start his service to mankind. From there on, Sri Sai Viboothi Baba started to reach various places and spread the name and fame of Sri Sainath, serving the mankind by curing their suffering and illness.

As per the wishes of Viboothi Baba, construction of Temple for Sainath was started in Smt. Padmavathy Nagarajan’s Place. During this construction of Temple in 1982, Sri Viboothi Baba attained Samadhi, The Adhishtanam was raised in the temple and the Mukthi Pooja (last Rites) was performed by Sri Nagaraj Baba .Vigrahas of Sainath and Sai Viboothi Baba were installed in the Temple. Chandan, Kumkum & also synonymous to its name, the temple materialises Viboothi (Udhi) from Vigrahas and Pictures. Now the temple is celebrating its Silver Jubilee. Sri Nagaraj Baba is continuing the noble Service in the Path of Sri Sai Viboothi Baba.

"You are seeking joy and peace in far-off places. But the spring of joy is in your heart. The heaven of peace is in yourself".

-Sri Sai Viboothi Baba